Teen Fitness

All summer, teens get fit for free!

The GoodLife Teen Fitness program offers youth aged 12 to 17 free access to all GoodLife Fitness locations!

About Teen Fitness


We're so excited that you're joining GoodLife this summer for our Teen Fitness program!

Established in 2010, our Teen Fitness program is about staying healthy and active during your summer holidays, and most importantly, it's about having fun in the process!

I encourage you to get to know the Club through the many Starters available - we want to make sure you achieve your goals in the most effective and safest way possible. GoodLife wants you to have the opportunity to live a fit and healthy good life - by signing up for Teen Fitness; you're well on your way!

A crucial part of the Teen Fitness Vision is to help all Canadians become active and healthy by introducing positive fitness and wellness habits at a young age. We want to provide Teens with a fun and safe place to work out for the summer. Providing this environment at GoodLife will help Teens create a healthy lifestyle with fitness in the years to come.

On behalf of the entire GoodLife family, welcome to Teen Fitness!

Yours in health and fitness,

GoodLife Founder and CEO

According to the Canada Health Measure Survey (2010)

  • 60% of Canadian youth do not get the required daily physical activity for optimum growth and development
  • 93% of children and youth are not meeting Canada's physical activity guidelines

"At GoodLife, we are passionate about helping all Canadians become fit and healthy and we know the importance of starting healthy habits at a young age," said David Patchell-Evans, GoodLife Founder and CEO

Rules & Regulations

General Information

  • Free teen Membership for ages 12 - 17 only
  • Membership term: July 4th 2022 - September 5th 2022 all teen memberships expire on September 6th 2022
  • Parent or legal guardian must enroll Teen Member and provide proof of age. Siblings may not register siblings
  • Membership includes access to most club areas at all locations (During staffed hours): 7 days a week from 8am-4pm with last check-in at 3:00pm
  • The Teen will receive their membership barcode upon completion of their Teen Fitness Starter. Teen fitness starters will be running in club starting July 4th 2022
  • Maximum workout time for Teen Members is 2 hours per day

Dress Code for Teen Members

  • Running shoes
  • Shorts or exercise pants
  • Shirts

Off Limits for Teen Members

  • Specific free weights/machines
  • Entire pool/whirlpool area
  • Sauna/steam
  • Hot yoga studio
  • Tanning Salon
  • Squash and Tennis courts
  • MindDen
  • Recovery Room
  • PEAK Training
  • Regymen
  • CRAFT Boxing
  • Hydro Massage

Club Rules and Etiquette

  • Each time a member enters the club they must scan their membership barcode at front desk
  • Cell phone use is not permitted in the change rooms, washrooms, saunas or pool areas or during the use of any equipment
  • We ask that all members allow others to work out in between sets and share equipment
  • Please refrain from dropping or banging weights
  • Booking group fitness classes must be done through the GoodLife Fitness App. See FAQ's for details
  • We recommend you attend a Group Fitness Starter to become familiar with all class etiquette and procedures (ie: being on time, booking through the GoodLife Fitness App for your classes, etc)
  • Please wipe off equipment after each use with spray cleaners and paper towels provided
  • Please put all equipment back after use
  • Workout time is for fun, results, safety and effectiveness (no bullying or unsafe challenging permitted)
  • Workout time is designated for workouts, not hangouts

Frequently Asked Questions

See if any of these frequently asked questions have the answer you're looking for.

What should I do if the Teen Fitness site does not load?


If the page does not load, try to refresh the page (press F5) or type the web address (URL) again. If it still does not load, please verify you can get to the internet by trying to browse any other website. If you can access other websites other than TeenFitness.ca, please contact our Member Experience Department at 1-800-387-2524. If you cannot access any other websites, please contact your Internet Service Provider for help.

Does at least one of the teens parents parent have to be a member? Or, can an adult member “sponsor” a teen and their friends? 


The Teen Fitness program is for every Canadian teen—no limitations. Parent/Guardians do not have to be GoodLife Fitness members. Teens need to have their own Parent/Guardian register them online and come in with their Parent/Guardian to the club to sign and complete the registration process.

The teen is a current member; can they place their membership on freeze to participate in this program?  


Yes, teens can place their membership on freeze however it is important to note that there are limited hours and club access for teen fitness. If a current member puts their membership on hold to participate in the program, they must abide by these rules for the duration of July and August.

My teen is turning 18 halfway through the program; can they still join?


Yes. Teens must be 17 on the date of registration and must be 17 upon the date the program starts (July 4th)

My teen is 11 can they participate?  What about if they turn 12 during the summer? 


The starting age for Teen Fitness must be age 12. There are no exceptions to this rule. If your teen is turning 12 during the summer then once they have turned 12 the parent/guardian of the teen can then register their teen online for the program.

Why are hot yoga, tanning, MindDen, Hydro Massage, the sauna/steam, Recovery Room, CRAFT Boxing, squash and the entire pool/whirlpool, tennis and some machines (Not Teen Fitness Friendly) not part of the free teen summer membership?  


To ensure the health and safety of our Teen Fitness participants, we have placed some limitations on the amenities that they may access. The purpose of the Teen Fitness program is to help teens learn and develop healthy habits, and the amenities available have been selected to help achieve this goal

After the Teen has completed the mandatory Starter session, are they then able to work out without a Parent being present in the club?  


Yes, they can work out without a Parent/Guardian present.

How does my teen book a Group Fitness class?


To access Group Fitness classes, Members must book in advance using the GoodLife App or Member Site. Booking for Group Fitness classes is available up to 72 hours in advance of the class start time.  

How to book a class on the app:  

  1. Log in using your Member ID, barcode or email address and password; 

  2. Select ‘Book’ along the bottom menu.  

    Please Note: For classes to appear in the ‘Book’ tab, you must have at least one Club ‘favourited’ in the app; 

  3. Use the calendar along the top of the screen to select your date, then scroll up and down to view that day’s schedule;  

  4. Find the class type of your choice and select the class to view more details;  

  5. If a spot is available in the class you’ve selected, you will have the option to book into the class by pressing ‘Book Class’ in the bottom right corner of your screen. 

    Please Note: If the class is full, you may add yourself to the waitlist; 

  6. You will receive a confirmation email to verify the date and time of your booking.  


How to book a class on the member site:  

  1. Log in using your Member ID, barcode or email address and password

  2. Under the ‘Bookings’ tab – which will automatically open upon logging in – select ‘Class Schedule’;  

  3. Using the filters along the left-hand side of the page, you can select which Club(s) you wish to book at, as well as other preferences such as class start time, duration, intensity, and category to narrow your search; 

  4. Select the class you wish to book and click ‘Book’; 

  5. You will receive a confirmation email to verify the date and time of your booking.  


Can I cancel my booking at any time? 

Members who do not show up for their class booking more than twice in a two-week period will be unable to book for 7 days. Our required notice time for cancelling a booking has been set at 5 hours to help Members on the waitlist take advantage of an opening. 


How do I use the Group Fitness waitlist?  

Using the GoodLife App or Member Site, you will see available or waitlisted classes in the schedule. If you select a class that is full, you will be added to the waitlist and will be shown your position in the queue.  

When you are moved from waitlist to booked, you will receive a confirmation email or mobile notification if you have them enabled. You can also view your position on the waitlist by visiting ‘My Booked Workouts’ in the GoodLife App or Member Site

Should I go to a club for help if I have difficulty with the Teen Fitness Online Registration process?


Unfortunately, our Clubs are unable to process registrations in person. Luckily, TeenFitness.ca is accessible on any computer connected to the internet. If your computer prevents you from registering for Teen Fitness, please try from another location such as school, work, a friend's house or even your local public library. If this is not an option, please or contact our Member Experience Department at 1-800-387-2524.

How can I adjust the font on TeenFitness.ca if it is too small or too large for me to read?


On most web browsers, you can hold the CTRL key down and press the + or – key on your keyboard to increase or decrease the font on the web page.

What should I do if I encounter repeated error messages while trying to complete the online registration process?


If you get an error on the webpage, please refresh the web page or restart the browser and try signing up again. If you continue to get errors, please contact our Member Experience Department at 1-800-387-2524.

What should I do if I am trying to complete the online registration process from work and I can't complete the online registration?


Some work environments have strong computer security measures that may prevent you from completing the online registration. Please try again when you get home or on a computer outside of work.