Teen Fitness

All summer, teens work out for free!

The GoodLife Teen Fitness program offers youth aged 12 to 17 free access to all GoodLife Fitness locations!

About Teen Fitness


Teens in Canada can work out in a GoodLife Fitness club for FREE between July 3rd 2024, and September 3rd 2024. GoodLife's annual Teen Fitness program provides access to physical activity in a social setting for teens looking to stay active all summer.

GoodLife Fitness is making upgrades to the Teen Fitness program for 2024.

  • Access to free GoodLife On-Demand Teen Fitness workouts (50+ digital workout options).
  • Virtual orientation video with key information about the program.
  • More equipment is available including kettlebells and TRX.
  • Dedicated workout floor hours with GoodLife Fitness experts available to provide tours and additional information to help teens get started.

Teen Fitness is available to anyone between the ages of 12 and 17 and includes access to 200+ GoodLife Fitness Clubs across Canada, all completely free of charge. A parent or legal guardian must register a teen for the program, but they don't need to be an existing GoodLife Member to register.

Rules & Regulations

General Teen Information:

  • Free teen Membership for ages 12 - 17 only
  • Membership term: July 3rd - September 3rd
  • A parent or legal guardian must enroll the teen Member and provide proof of age. Siblings may not register siblings
  • Membership includes access to most Club areas at all locations (during staffed hours only): 7 days a week from 8 am-4 pm local-time with last check-in at 3 pm
  • Teens will receive their key tag once they have signed their contract in a Club
  • Maximum workout time for teen Members is 2 hours per day
  • Dress Code: Proper footwear, closed-toed shoes

What's Off Limits for Teen Members:

  • Barbells and any plate-loaded machines including bench press, squat racks & Smith machine
  • Pool/whirlpool area
  • Sauna/steam room area
  • Tanning salon or any tanning equipment
  • Squash and tennis courts
  • mindDen/Recovery Room/Hydro Massage spaces and equipment
  • REGYMEN/Craft Boxing/iRiDE/Hot Yoga spaces and equipment

Club Rules and Etiquette:

  • Each time a Teen Fitness Member enters the club they must scan their membership card or QR code at front desk.
  • Members should allow others to work out in between sets and share equipment.
  • Please refrain from dropping or banging weights.
  • We recommend you attend a Group Fitness Class Starter to become familiar with all class etiquette and procedures (ie: being on time, online booking, etc).
  • Members should sign up in advance for Group Fitness Classes using the GoodLife Fitness App.
  • Please wipe off equipment after each use using spray cleaners and paper towels provided.
  • Please put all equipment back after use.
  • Please treat other Members with respect. No bullying or unsafe or offensive behaviour is permitted.

Photos and videos:

  • Photos, videos, and video streaming can only be taken in the PUBLIC AREAS of the Club.
  • Photos and videos are NOT permitted in bathrooms, showers, saunas, or ANYWHERE in the change rooms.
  • It is VERY important that Members, Guests or Associates provide verbal permission before they are captured in any photos or videos in public areas. Members must also get verbal permission from other Members, Guests and Associates if they wish to share photos or videos on social media or use them for any other purpose.
  • We encourage Members and Associates to share their successes, but it should be done in a way that does not impact the experience of other Members and Associates.
    • Please respect other Members and try not to be disruptive if you are taking a photo or video.
    • Members are required to use their phone safely at the gym to avoid compromising the safety of those around them.

Frequently Asked Questions

See if any of these frequently asked questions have the answer you're looking for.

Does at least one parent/guardian of the teen have to be a Member? Or can an adult Member “sponsor” a teen child and their friends?


The Teen Fitness program is for all teens aged 12-17 in Canada. Parents/Guardians do not need to be a GoodLife Fitness Member. Teens need to have their own parent or guardian register them online and come to the Club in person with their parent or guardian to sign and complete the registration process.

If a teen is already a Member, can they place their Membership on freeze to participate in this program?


Yes, teens can place their Membership on freeze. However, it is important to note that Teen Fitness Memberships have limited hours and Club access, and teens who freeze their standard Membership will have to follow these rules for the duration of the Teen Fitness Program (from July 3, 2024, to September 3, 2024).

My teen will turn 18 before the program ends in September. Can they still join?


Yes. Teens must be 17 upon registration date and the start-date of the program. If they turn 18 after their registration and start-date, they can still participate.

My teen is 11, can they participate?  What about if they turn 12 during the summer?


The starting age for Teen Fitness is 12, and there are no exceptions to this rule.  If your child turns 12 during the summer, you can register them online after their birthday.

Why are Performance classes, Ultimate amenities*, Saunas/Steam Room, Squash, Pool/Whirlpool, and some machines not included in the free Teen Fitness Membership?


Certain GoodLife amenities are very popular with our Members, particularly during busier hours. These amenities and some equipment are excluded from the free Teen Fitness Membership to encourage equal use of the gym space and avoid overcrowding.

*Tanning is exempt, as any Member must be the legal age of majority to utilize any Tanning equipment.

How does my teen book a Group Fitness class?


Members must book all Group Fitness classes in advance using the GoodLife App or Member portal.
Group Fitness classes are available for booking up to 72 hours (3 days) before the class starts. 

How to book a class using the GoodLife app:

  1. Log in using your Member ID, barcode, or email address and password;
  2. Select ‘Book’ along the bottom menu. For classes to appear in the ‘Book’ tab, you must have at least one Club ‘favourited’ in the app;
  3. Use the calendar along the top of the screen to select your date, then scroll up and down to view that day’s schedule;
  4. Find the class type of your choice and select the class to view more details;
  5. If a spot is available in the class you’ve selected, you will have the option to book into the class by selecting ‘Book Class’ at the bottom right corner of your screen. If the class is full, you will have the option to add yourself to the waitlist;
  6. You will then receive a confirmation email to verify the date and time of your booking.

How to book a class using the Member portal on the website:

  1. Log in using your Member ID, barcode, or email address and password;
  2. Under the ‘Bookings’ tab – which will automatically open upon logging in – select ‘Class Schedule’;
  3. Using the filters along the left-hand side of the page, you can select which Club(s) you wish to book, as well as other preferences such as class start time, duration, intensity, and category to narrow your search;
  4. Select the class you wish to book and click ‘Book’;
  5. You will receive a confirmation email to verify the date and time of your booking.

Is my teen able to work out without a parent/guardian present in the club?


Yes, they can work out without a parent/guardian present once their Schedule A Form has been signed by their parent/guardian.

Am I able to come into the Club to register for Teen Fitness?


No. The computers at our GoodLife locations are not set up to handle Teen Fitness registrations. Instead, please register your teen online at TeenFitness.ca. If you are having trouble registering for Teen Fitness from your computer, you may need to access the website from a different location such as school, work or a public library.